22 June 2021

(Left Center-Right Center) ANTHONY RAMOS as Usnavi and MELISSA BARRERA as Vanessa in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “IN THE HEIGHTS”

If you like musicals, dancing influences such as rap and salsa, with a bit of cultural and good old fashioned tight-knit community spirit, then ‘In The Heights’ will be right up your alley.  You could liken it to musicals such as ‘The Greatest Showman’, ‘Mama Mia’ and ‘La La Land’.

(Left to right) NOAH CATALA as Graffiti Pete, GREGORY DIAZ IV as Sonny, COREY HAWKINS as Benny and ANTHONY RAMOS as Usnavi in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “IN THE HEIGHTS”

It’s a young cast who take pride in their heritage and their vibrant neighbourhood full of real people with their struggles to make a living and finding love, hopes and dreams of a better life.

(Left to right) COREY HAWKINS as Benny and LESLIE GRACE as Nina in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “IN THE HEIGHTS”

The film centres on the vibrant Washington Heights community, a Spanish speaking neighbourhood, and follows Grocery Store owner Usnavi de la Vega, played by Anthony Ramos, who dreams to return to his family’s ancestral home in the Dominican Republic to set up his father’s old beach bar, but gets distracted by a wannabe fashion designer Vanessa, played by Melissa Barrera.


(Left to right): LESLIE GRACE as Nina Rosario and COREY HAWKINS as Benny in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “IN THE HEIGHTS”

This is a big, soppy, traditional musical jammed packed with singing, rapping and dancing from start to finish, with an uplifting effect of protruding happiness.

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