07 September 2016

The easy breezy feel of summer is a big clue as to what you'll soon find in stores. Get ready to welcome a more calming palette with bursts of vibrant colour thrown in for good measure. Our homewares picks for spring/summer are:


Including simple linear designs like stripes, subway tile and minimalist geometric prints.

These styles make great feature walls as they are interesting without being too ‘out there’ and they suit a variety of interior styles, making them less likely to date.


From beige to caramel to tan, inject your home with these earthy shades and you’ll help to create a more calming space.

To keep the room interesting, choose textural fabrics like suede, linen and leather.


Minimalist interiors are once again proving popular for spring/summer. Expect to see more Scandinavian inspired stools and bedside tables with an emphasis on clean lines and simplicity.

Both white and black feature strongly.


Potted plants are a great way to inject more vibrancy into your space and they also help to give a room more of a sanctuary feel.

The quality of artificial indoor pot plants makes them a stylishly low-maintenance option.


From paint splatters to paint-dipped to brush strokes, you’ll find accessories with a handpainted feel featuring in art works, rugs and on throw cushions.

Choose a colour within a handpainted piece as the inspiration for other decor pieces and you’ll help to better connect your interior spaces.

a /  Duvet set from Farmers b /  Rug from Farmers c /  Bowl from Stevens d /  Mirrors from Acquisitions e /  Terrarium from Acquisitions f / Flowers from Acquisitions g /  Geo horse from Acquisitions