23 January 2017

Entertaining outdoors should be relaxed and carefree but what if you want to go the extra mile and really wow your guests? Simple! You create a showstopping table with a few special details and wa-lah, guests wowed! Here's how:

1. Use a table runner to create a sense of formality

Adding a table runner to a table is a bit like adding a necklace (or tie) to your outfit. It gives an ordinary table personality and lays the foundation for the next step…

2. Draw the eye to an amazing (yet simple) centrepiece

The best centrepieces are often easy and uncomplicated. Simply add some low-lying planters with greenery like herbs or succulents and finish by placing candles in holders at random along the width of the table runner.

3. Placemats for the X-factor

Placemats help to strengthen the theme of your table. For instance if you’re going for a rustic, earthy look choose a woven placemat like hyacinth. Or if you want to add an accent colour, choose a colourful or quirky design.

4. Furnish with matching (or mismatched) plates

While you don’t always need to bring out your finest china, a nice matching dinner set will give your table setting a polished feel. White is an easy colour to find and always looks great in any setting whether it’s rustic and relaxed or funky and modern.

5. Complete the look with showstopping serveware

Perhaps a vintage drink dispenser or a set of sleek wine glasses. Select a couple of special serveware pieces that you can set on the table to showcase an amazing salad or fresh batch of punch.


1./ Table runner by Farmers 2./ Planter by Farmers 3./ Vase by Stevens 4./ Placemat set by Farmers 5./ Pillar candle by Stevens 6./ Candlestick holder by Farmers 7./ Tumbler by Farmers 8./ Round placemat by Farmers 9./ Hyacinth placemat by Acquisitions 10./ Wine flute by Stevens 11./ Punch Dispenser 2L by Acquisitions 12./ Salad bowl by Farmers 13./ UBU Salad Servers by Whitcoulls 14./ Speckled side plate by Stevens


Note: Items featured are subject to availibility. Please head in-store for more info.