06 September 2019

From silly fun pranks through to good old family laughs, this movie a great movie to see with your children.  This sequel to the 2016 movie is full of great music, awesome voice overs and loads of silliness.

A scene from The Angry Birds Movie 2

Piggy island is under attack by a nearby third island (that’s right a third island) and the leader of the third island, Zeta is threatening the pigs with ice balls and she is heading for Bird Island next.  She wants both islands to herself.

Red and Leonard want a truce so they can get rid of all the nastiness that is coming from the ‘third’ island.  In comes the team of Chuck, Bomb, Silver, Leonard, Mighty Eagle and Red to fight for their remaining friends on the islands.

A scene from The Angry Birds Movie 2

All the characters have their own craziness about them which you will fall in love with.  Gamers, a good one to see!

You will love the soundtrack with songs ranging from the 80’s through to the 90’s.

Without giving too much away, you will find this movie funny, crazy, silly, groovy and Piggytastic to watch. The 5 year old I took was in fits of laughter.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 opens in cinemas 12 September. HAVE A BLAST!