01 October 2022

From the moment the lights went down and the music started, you knew Moonage Daydream wasn’t going to be your average “rock star” documentary.  It’s a guided tour through the magic and enigma of David Bowie, immersing us in the singer’s life, thoughts, philosophies, and most importantly, art.

Brett Morgen, who also directed “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck”, is no stranger to delving into the inner workings of legends.  He crafted Moonage Daydream with the full cooperation of the Bowie estate, allowing him access to unseen performances, new footage, recordings, paintings, and photographs, all of which are lovingly woven into two hours and fifteen minutes of pure chaotic, kaleidoscopic energy.


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Originally released at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, Moonage Daydream will be released in IMAX.  It’s a fitting medium to display Bowie’s glam through amazing concert scenes – you’re watching the crowd, sobbing and screaming, then you are the crowd, and Ziggy Stardust is towering above you, mid-performance.  You follow Bowie down the streets of Bangkok, to his next stage, to this gallery, his studio, and his next interview.  It is surprisingly chronological, as he travels from the UK to Los Angeles (which he detested, by his own admission), then to Berlin, and we see him living on the edge of his comfort zone, constantly challenging and exploring to reach new levels of art.


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Despite its screen time, the film barely touches on Bowie’s personal life.  We briefly meet his half-brother Terry and learn of a strained relationship with his mother.  He professes he is closed off to love and relationships, and we never end up meeting Angela, his first wife, but we see Iman, his second wife.

I have to confess that prior to this film, this writer’s knowledge of David Bowie was limited to red hair, lightning bolts, bright makeup, and Space Oddity.  After leaving the cinema, I think I should give his other albums a go.


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