23 April 2021

We enjoyed the games as kids, we had high hopes for the first movie of which were dashed, BUT this time, Mortal Kombat (2021) has blown us out of the water with a movie that has paid homage to the Mortal Kombat universe.

The storyline wasn’t as expected and we had hoped for a little more time in the other realms, but this movie is all about insanely brutal martial arts that pulls absolutely no punches – especially with the finishing scenes highlighting the unique abilities of the characters.  With an R rating true to its rating, the graphic fight scenes truly live up to those of the game.

Kano (Josh Lawson)
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

We meet a diverse range of characters, and hearing them say their catchphrases from the games in key moments of the film – which sent out theatre in fits of laughter and ‘ooooooh damns’ – made the experience even more fun and exciting.

I was concerned when we heard Johnny Cash wasn’t featuring in this one – but the movie did not feel lacking without him as a big surprise for us was the character of Kano. He was the loudest, funniest and most foul mouthed comic relief character in the whole movie, constantly throwing jokes and insults at other characters in a classic Australian fashion that resonated with this kiwi audience.

Jax (Mehcad Brooks)
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

This movie is all about insanely brutal martial arts that pulls absolutely no punches. The film will leave fans of the series, who have been hoping for a true to game movie, entirely satisfied and wanting more.

We did have one downside – it felt like some of the fight scenes were rushed as they tried to pack it all into this movie.  However, they have left the door wide open for a sequel. One I will be there for.

We thoroughly enjoyed it, and would recommend anyone who has been waiting for a true to game Mortal Kombat movie to come out to get in and watch it.

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