11 February 2019

Could you escape?

A scene from the movie Escape Room


Only one thing is certain in Escape Room, the newest psychological horror to hit our screens… You’ll never sign up to do an escape room again!


When six individual strangers are gifted an escape room experience (with the promise of $10,000 for winning) they meet in the escape room’s waiting area. The escape room is advertised as a series of mystery rooms, where the players have to solve a series of puzzles and clues to escape the room.


Although the game starts out as a seemingly harmless fun and adventurous activity, the players soon realise that they’re in a literal life or death situation, where each room is sadistically designed to kill every person inside if they don’t solve the clues quick enough to escape. With perilous temperatures, heights, sickening rooms where the walls collapse in on each other, your every worst nightmare from drowning to claustrophobia is brought to life.


With each room bringing more uncertainty than the last, the players are forced to confront their pasts as they determine why they were selected, and battle it out to be the fittest, fastest or first.


From quaint snowy cottages to upside-down 80’s bars, the sets in Escape Room are uniquely crafted, with each scene seamlessly stitched to show the maze that is the series of escape rooms. The six key actors convincingly portray genuine fear and horror as they learn the power of sacrifice and empathy as they clutch at their lives in this intense watch. Lovers of the Saw franchise will adore Escape Room, which is perfectly posed for a sequel, should the filmmakers commit.


Who will win? Will anyone escape or are they all confined to their graves within the mysterious game of (almost) certain death?! And why are they there?


You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.


See Escape Room in cinemas from 21 February.