29 June 2020

When the weather’s average…great indoor activities for the school holidays.

We’ve actually become experts at finding fun things to do with the family when you can’t (aren’t allowed) to get out and about. Baking, books, board games, gardening, a bit of TV, creating, painting, video games… the list goes on. Here’s a couple of ideas for these school holidays (when the weather is likely to be a bit average) to refresh you on all the fun things you can do indoors… and at Northlands!


Make a fort and curl up with a great book
There’s a bunch of new books out including ones from fav authors David Walliams and Aaron Babley. Pull out the old bedding and duvets, get creative with the furniture and hole up in another world for the day, or until the sun starts peaking through.

Spend a day at Northlands
Aside from a little retail therapy, there’s a bunch of fun things to try-out at Northlands over the school hols. The vertical bungy is in residence in the “centre court” (near Lush). You could also hit the movies (haven’t we missed that!?!) and catch Trolls: World Tour with a little bite to eat in Langdons Quarter on the way. Epiphany Donuts is new and have the most amazing “Franuts” (that’s a frappe with a donut for those uninitiated) to treat yourself with.

DIY Karaoke
If the kids got a blast out of the Trolls World Tour movie, they can continue the fun at home with a little karaoke session. Set up a mini stage and gather round with some snacks to cheer the singers on. Poppy’s Microphone with preloaded songs makes it easier (you can pick it up from Whitcoulls) to belt out the hits.

Get Creative
If the TV show, Lego Masters has done anything, it’s shown there’s a potential career (or at least some serious kudos) in being exceptionally good with Lego. Get the creative juices flowing and get building. For budding archeologists (or those who like to smash things) we’re enjoying the “Find a Surprise” kits from Smiggle, which come with all the tools you need for some detailed discovery.

Okay… puzzles are a bit contentious. They’re either cat nip to those who like to “puzzle” away to find the exact piece and relish a 1,500 piece-er OR you’ve had enough fun once the edges are in and don’t give two hoots about the resulting picture (if you even get that far!). A happy medium are these 150 piece 3D sets from The Warehouse. Good for an hour, then on to the next fun thing!


NORTHLANDS: Whitcoulls Trolls World Tour: Poppy’s Microphone| Smiggle Find A Surprise Kit | Farmers Lego Hidden Side Supernatural Race Car | The Warehouse Super 3D Puzzle 150 Piece | Whitcoulls The Bad Guys Episode 11 by Aaron Babley, Slime by David Walliams