14 November 2019

What it is about wearing white that strikes fear into the hearts of even the most fashion-savvy shoppers?

I LOVE wearing white!  I do it as much as  I can. It always feels so fresh and summery (even in the depths of winter).

But I always hear SO many excuses, and I want to BLOW them all out of the water for you, so you’ll have no excuse not to give white a go.

Go on, you know you want to!

A woman looking striking in a white dress


So here are some of the biggest excuses why you’re not wearing white, and my simple, easy work-arounds to get you into this gorgeous, fresh look.

I’ll just get it dirty

Oh my friend, I hate to break it to you – ALL colours show stains. Have you even dropped chocolate on black pants?

Having kids is no excuse either, I have two of them under three, and I run the gauntlet regularly. Also, just invest in a good stain remover… Napisan anyone? Sure, be a little more cafeful with your morning coffee, but white isn’t going to show up stains any more than any other light colour. And you’re a grown person for goodness sake! Be careful!

White isn’t as flattering as black

“Flattering” has got almost nothing to to with the colour something is, and everything to do with the cut! And yes that can also come down to fabric, but again, it’s about knowing which fabrics look good on you and what styles flatter you – start there.

Don’t avoid white because you think it makes you look wider. It doesn’t at all! A big black sack will hide just as much of your gorgeous body as a big white sack … See what I mean?

I don’t know what underwear to wear.

 Ok, I totally understand this question, but once you invest in the right underwear (and the right kind of white clothes) this problem will be solved forever. SKIN TONE underwear is the only correct answer to this dilemma. Not white, not black (unless you want to make a statement Carrie Bradshaw-style, and that’s cool too). Find some undies that match your skin tone, no matter what that is, and stick with that under anything white.

It DOES also help to find white bottoms (tight-fitting one in particular) that come in a thicker fabric – this will help with any visible panty lines too.

So now you’ve got no excuses not to wear white, here are some of my fave pieces from Northlands to help you get into the All White look….


All white clothing and accessories


SHOP THE LOOKS AT NORTHLANDS: Farmers nude bra | Farmers white jeans | Merchant 1948 Overland white heels | Max organic cotton sweater | CottonOn off the shoulder top | Just Jeans denim jacket | Glassons jumpsuit | Lovisa hairband

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!

Cait xoxo

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