04 July 2017

Layering is perhaps best described as the art of 'adding interest' yet it is often confused as being a way of dressing that adds bulk which just isn't the case and here's why: Think of layering as a way of thoughtfully using different colours and textures to create more interesting outfits.

  1. Start with your foundation pieces (i.e. a top and bottom or a dress)
  2. Add a light layer (i.e. an open shirt, lightweight cardi or tunic dress)
  3. Add a textural layer (i.e. a chunky scarf, vest, or biker jacket)
  4. Add small accent pieces for interest (i.e. earrings, shoes, bag or a neck scarf)


Here are 3 examples of layering using the 4 step method above:


Here, the ‘interest’ comes from the types and colours of fabrics selected from the denim jeans to the pleated cardi and chunky scarf, the interesting elements lie in the details rather than the amount of pieces worn.

Model wears cami (a), jeans (b) and cardi (c) from GlassonsĀ  | (d) Mulberry cable scarf from Just JeansĀ  | (e) Oboe handbag from Overland/Merchant 1948 (e) other accessories, Glassons


A sheer tunic or dress layered over a tank top or merino top and jeans is another great and lightweight way to layer. For added interest in winter we’ve also selected the faux fur vest and backpack.

Model wears tank (a) jeans (b) and dress (c) from Glassons |(d) Angelina faux fur vest from Just Jeans | (e) Laura Jones two tone backpack from Strandbags (e) other accessories, Glassons


Even a relaxed look can feel edgier and more fashion forward simply by layering the look with an open shirt, biker jacket and plaid scarf. Statement earrings look unexpectedly chic with this ensemble.

Model wears tee (a) and trackpant (b) from Glassons | (c) Olly oversized shirt from Just Jeans | (d) Leather biker jacket from Max | (e) Sierra plaid scarf from Jay Jays (e) other accessories, Glassons

Like everything in style, the more you experiment with different ways to wear your looks, the more your style will grow and layering is the perfect answer to finding more style throughout winter.


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