30 December 2016

Is it time to swap out your old togs for something a bit more trendy? We've narrowed down our in-centre favourites for you so that you don't have to! You're welcome.

BOHEMIAN PRINT featuring Glassons

Every summer we wonder if boho is coming back, but we know that it’s well and truly here to stay. Bright, vibrant and fun, the bohemian geometrics are making a big splash (pun intended) in the fashion pool and you can pick up these hot buys from Glassons.

PRETTY FLORALS featuring Cotton On

Ever classy and feminine is the girl in the floral swimwear. Embroidery is making a big comeback this summer on womenswear and swimsuits, and turquoise is always on trend for summer. These elegant pieces are just some of the fabulous swimsuits you can find at Cotton On.

TEXTURED PRINT featuring Amazon

Whether it’s textured embroidery, small studs or rough animal print, swimwear adorned with jewellery-esque pieces or quirky fabrics have never been more ‘in’. These hippy-inspired pieces can be found at Amazon.


Farmers really is a one-stop shop, and the swimwear department is no exception. From resort classics, 60s cut boyleg and tropical palm prints, women of all shapes and sizes will find something that suits.