18 August 2017

Spring is in the air! Well, in style circles anyway. Which means new season fashion hitting the shelves even if the weather hasn’t caught up yet.

But that’s OK! So many of the new season style trends are actually quite versatile, which means you can work them into your wardrobe, no matter what your personality, shape, size or budget – or no matter what the weather is doing outside!

One of those trends we’re seeing come through is the embroidery trend. Generally a pretty floral  detail, adorning an item of clothing of your choice. And that is the beauty of this trend. It’s up to you how you wear it!

So if you want to update your look, here are a few pieces that can get you started on your way and help celebrate the start of Spring Style!

The thing I love about trends like this is that you’re not dictated by the cut or the fit of a certain style of garment. The trend is in the detail, so you choose how you wear the trend, you get to find the pieces that suit you and make this fun trend work for you!



  1. Max embroidered jumper $89.99 | 2. Max embroidered girlfriend jeans $129.99 | 3. Colette embroidered handbag $54.99| 4. Just Jeans oversized shirt $69.95 | 5. Glassons embroidered long sleeve mesh top $24.99.