16 July 2020

Do you trust me? Haha. I know the thought of any sort of light colour can scare a bunch of people, but stick with me. Winter brights can be such a lovely way to inject some freshness into your wardrobe for the cooler months and it’s such a classic look!

But I know it can be off-putting, so I’m going to give you a few of my expert tips on how you can ease winter brights into your wardrobe, (and also how to take care of it!) all thanks to the lovely retailers here at NORTHLANDS.


  1. The right shade of white

While technically ‘winter white’ is actually a shade of off-white, in this scenario, we’re talking about just wearing any white/off white/cream in winter. Usually in the place of black.

So one of the most important things is to get your shade of white right! If clean, crisp white washes you out, try a slightly warmer version, like off-white or cream. And vice versa, if creams make you feel blah, stick with a true, clean white.

  1. The right piece

If wearing white in winter is new to you, stick with a style of clothing that you know you already feel comfortable in.

For example, if you love jeans, don’t be scared to step into a white pair (YES you can do it!). Or if coats are your thing, why not change it up this season with a lighter colour, rather than just the standard black.

  1. Keeping it clean

The excuse for not wearing white I hear THE most, is that “I can’t keep it clean!”. And while yes, white can show up marks and dirt, so can a whole bunch of other colours too!

My top tips for keeping white clean are 1) invest in a good stain remover stick like the Sard one (usually at the supermarket) and 2) be careful of things like dark denim rubbing the dye onto the white.

Ok, so now you have more confidence in rocking out the winter white, here are some of my favourite pieces you can add to your wardrobe from your lovely retailers at NORTHLANDS.

NORTHLANDS: Just Jeans coatigan | Jacqui E coat | Glassons beanie | Hannahs boots | Mineral knit from Farmers | Just Jeans Boyfriend Jeans

I hope that helps give you some good ideas to brighten your winter wardrobe.

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Until Next Time,

Happy Shopping!

Cait xoxo

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