04 July 2019

Winter doesn’t just have to be about dark, dull colours (I’m looking at you black and grey).

Woman wearing print jacket


There are some gorgeous winter prints about in stores this season, and a print can just add another level to your outfit.

Here are a few tips on how to work print into your winter wardrobe, and also some of my favourite prints you can get your hands from Northlands right now.

1. Start Small

If print worries you, start with a small print on a small area. Socks, a scarf, or just a small detail on a top.
As you grow more confident wearing print, you can progress to bigger, bolder ones.
If in doubt, start with a stripe, it’s practically a neutral in my book anyway.

2. Pick Your Colours Carefully

Stick to colours you know and love (and already have in your wardrobe!). This will make it easier to match the print back to things you already have in your wardrobe.

3. DON’T just match the print back with black or white.

Use the print to tell you what colours to wear it with! If a print doesn’t have black in it, don’t wear it with black, it won’t do the print justice.

You’ll be so amazed at what matching different colours with print can do, it will change the look of the print before your eyes! So look for the different colours in the print, and wear it with those.

So now you’re in the mood to wear some print, here are some of my top picks for winter!


Pretty print fashion

CottonOn stripe midi skirt | Lovisa headscarf | Glassons long sleeve dress | The Warehouse stripe knit | Just Jeans floral blouse | Merchant boots | Max socks


Until Next Time,
Happy Shopping
Cait xoxo

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