28 November 2017

We all know that for a gift to be special, it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, the best present is your presence, but, sentimental quotes aside, we’ve found the best “inexpensive” gifts at Northlands for this Christmas.

Perhaps your incessant Pay Wave swishing has had a bit of a negative effect on your bank account in the lead up to the big day, or maybe you’re nearly at credit card meets scissors point… Sit back, and relax. These wee gems are easy to find (with our tips, of course) and at the cost not too much more than your daily cup of caffeine. Bargain!

Are you perusing the stores for your Secret Santa, a colleague, someone you don’t know very well, your brother’s 12th girlfriend this year or your second cousin twice removed? Hey, if you don’t have that much money to spend on them, it’s hard to know what to buy them. Put those choccys or cheap bubbly away for another day, because these gifts are just a little bit more thoughtful, practical and handy, and on trend, in-store right now.

The Magic of Christmas from LUSH | Socks and candles from Cotton on Body |  Phone ring from Typo |  Christopher Vine the Mini Mog Mexico Alfie mug from Acquisitions |  Quiz game (TV and music) from Acquisitions 

Some key stores to find other budget gifts you might like...

  • Typo is our go-to girl on all things cheap, cheerful, and out-of-this-world awesome. Fully of wacky, trendy stationery, homewares and accessories, you’ll surely be able to find a budget-friendly jewel for kids, men and the ladies.
  • When you think “gifts”, Acquisitions surely comes to mind. Packed full of beautiful home items, photo frames and more, you’ll also find nestled amongst the glam and glitter a whole bunch of awesome gifts, such as table tennis and finger fooseball. Perfect!
  • Church Lane isn’t just full of gorgeous clothing – there’s a whole wall of delicious smellies, and all at a very reasonable price.
  • A fragrant and festive bath always makes for a great pick me up! See the Christmas ranges from LUSH and The Body Shop for scented presents for her.
  • Can’t beat The Warehouse on price! Hey, everyone loves a bargain, and so will you when it comes to Secret Santa shopping.