19 April 2017

Cooking is one of those activities that is not only fun but deliciously satisfying for the whole family. We've gathered together 10 food-inspired books with the kids in mind to help make school holidays spent indoors that little bit more exciting.

A. Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert from Whitcoulls

Rather than being a cookbook as such, this beautifully illustrated book for pre-schoolers and school starters by Lois Ehlert showcases a selection of fruit and vegetables from around the world. From jalapeno to kiwifruit this is a great book to help teach little Kiwis both food and spelling.

B. Geeky Chef Cookbook by Cassandra Reeder from Whitcoulls

Delve deeper into the title and you’ll discover that this book is actually full of recipes inspired by movies. From Pumpkin Pasties to Lembas cookies, both you and the kids will enjoy choosing and making dishes inspired by the likes of Star Wars, Zelda, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games.

C. Kid Chef by Melina Hammer & Bryant Terry from Whitcoulls

The perfect easy-to-follow book to help nurture a ‘kid chef’ from go to whoa! First off are the basics from prepping the ingredients to readying the equipment, and then before you know it your future Masterchef(s) will be cooking a variety of nutritious meals and you can sit back and relax (just kidding but how good does that sound!)

D. Cooking Class by Deanna F Cook from Whitcoulls

While admittedly there are a lot of cookbooks to choose from, Cooking Class comes highly recommended for its ease of use, step-by-step instructions and simple recipes featuring the classics like pancakes, pasta dishes and rice pudding recipes that kids all love to eat.

E. The Disney Princess Cookbook by Cynthia Littlefield and Joanne Schmaltz from Whitcoulls

How about some Sea Turtle Cupcakes for afternoon tea?! This book aptly channels the essence of Disney Princess favourites like Rapunzel and the Little Mermaid to create a book that is simple to use, fanciful and beautifully illustrated.

F. The Forest Feast for Kids by Erin Gleeson from Whitcoulls

This delicious book is the creation of food blogger Erin Gleeson and features kid-friendly vegetarian recipes that are a joy to both read and make. You might also enjoy the additional pages on kids party ideas too!

G. Baking with Kids by Leah Brooks from Whitcoulls

Leah Brooks is the founder of a cooking school for kids in San Francisco called Young Urban Modern Chef’s or Y.U.M Chefs. Her goal is to change the way that children see food by making cooking approachable, fun and healthy and this book embodies all of these things.

H. Pretend Soup: And Other Real Recipes by Mollie Katzen & Ann Henderson from Whitcoulls

Pretend Soup and its inspiring author Mollie Katzen brings the grown-up world of real cooking to a kid-friendly level. Parent’s can take joy in overseeing and instructing their children as they measure out and create good wholesome whimsical feasts for the whole family.

I. The Cookbook for Kids by Lisa Attwood from Whitcoulls

From crepes to nachos and everything in between. Both you and your little ones will have a hard time choosing just one thing to make from this colourfully illustrated book full of deliciously easy-to-make treats.

J. A Zombie ate My Cupcake by Lily Vanilli from Whitcoulls

Who said cupcakes have to be pretty and perfect? Kids and even grown-ups will delight in taking inspiration from life’s ‘less pretty’ creatures, like insects and even fictional monsters to create batches of cupcakes that are terrifyingly good.