30 September 2021

Spring in New Zealand is a real mixed bag – some days you’re on top of the world with crystal-clear skies and just enough warmth to promise summer fun ahead and other days you’re right back into the winter gloom.  For us, school holidays is a time to slow down a little and spend some time together.  On those wetter day Northlands are already looking forward to brighter days ahead and their windows are awash with colour.


As the weather warms up (but the rain still falls), the only thing growing faster than the lawn are the kids.  What they haven’t grown out of has probably been worn to death so new season is a great time to take stock of what needs to be replaced and what can be passed on.  Tie-dye is back in a big way this season, along with fresh citrus splashes, pastel tones and graphic prints – some of which I remember from my own childhood!

Stockists left to right:  Platypus, Farmers, The Warehouse, Farmers


As alert levels go down, delayed birthday parties are stacking up, pocket money is burning a hole in their pocket and you might be looking for something fresh to treat or distract the kids or reward them for putting in the mahi on remote learning.  Living outside of Auckland gave me a bit more choice, so, while we were in level 2 I couriered a care package to some little Auckland battlers I know that was full of bright, fun finds to keep them (and their parents!) going.  They thought it was Christmas in September, I thought it was only fair given the work Auckland was doing to keep us all safe.

Stockists left to right:  Whitcoulls, The Warehouse, Acquisitions, Farmers


PSA (learn from my experience, please!), always, always, ALWAYS check the school bags at the beginning of the holidays so that you don’t find last term’s lunch languishing at the bottom when you’re getting ready for the new term.  If you, like me, have found one of THOSE surprises – or if the lunchbox has disappeared entirely, start of the new term right with bright new ones ready to fill with delicious fresh and healthy snacks.  Get them excited about the last term of school with vibrant and colourful stationery that they’ll hopefully love enough not to lose!

Stockists left to right:  Smiggle, Whitcoulls, Whitcoulls, Typo

Happy school holidays!  While you might have spent more time with the kids over the past few weeks, look forward to a holiday from juggling the remote learning or extra-curriculars and rest up ready for the new term and slide into the end of the year. Noho ora mai raa.