22 May 2020

Hands up those who, during our Covid-19 lockdown journey, have spring-cleaned their houses, and/or re-arranged furniture and even planned some new décor or homeware purchases.

I suspect there will be many hands in the air. I can put mine up for all of the above. My house has never looked so clean, organised (plenty has been culled) or so beautifully arranged. We’ve all had plenty of time to look at our home bubbles (gosh, remember the days when the word “bubbles” solely conjured up pictures of that delightful alcoholic drink!)

While I’ve been confined to home, I’ve used some of that time to mull over what’s needed and what would enhance my home and lifestyle, and a shopping wish list was the result.

The time’s also right as I’m very keen to support our retailers at Northlands (Find them HERE). I’m going to be picking up a new for a bedroom, buying kitchen scales, reading glasses, and a new coffee machine (ours was over-worked during lockdown and is suffering). I’m also going to be getting advice on new dining room accessories, and purchasing new pyjamas…it may not all happen at once, but plans are firmly in place.


I have also had plenty of time to research what’s in vogue in homewares for 2020. During my googling I connected with Julie Hodder, the creative force behind Design Your Home Facebook page (HERE). Her home décor advice offers wisdoms regarding what’s trending as we head into winter and plan trips to the malls with décor in mind. Much of it sounds wonderfully welcoming with a snuggly ambience.

There’s a strong influence on cosy fabrics, earthy colours, rich textures, and adding personality and flair through the inclusion of vintage and traditional elements. In fact, a mix of tradition and modern is very much a part of the design philosophy for 2020, Julie tells me.

She, and others, indicate that the following is what we can expect:

  • A balance of old and new. Think generous colour, walls of art, antiques, brocade, lavish wallpapers, fancy curtains, curved furniture pieces, natural rugs, wood and jute – such things alongside modern art and edgy furniture. A form of “refined farmhouse” is back in furniture, artwork, vases and lighting.
  • Rich textural expression through rattan, wicker, jute and hessian.
  • Cosy fabrics, such as luxe grand velvet, imperfect leathers, soft textured mohairs.
  • A warmer colour palate. Cooler neutrals and heavy grey on grey monochromatic schemes are being abandoned in favour of beige, earthy tones, shades of chocolate, saffron, wine, deep blues and botanical greens. Bolder colour choices are becoming popular for smaller spaces.
  • A celebration of nature through colour and materials. These materials include wicker, rattan, jute, wood, cork, rope, stone and wood. On the wood front, expect to see a change from the lighter woods of recent years – it’s time for walnut or mahogany, for example, to shine.
  • Hello to warm metallics – like bronze and brass – in mirrors, lamps, furniture legs, tapware, handles and lighting.
  • Lighting trends present many options such as statement designer pieces, eco based materials, geometric shapes, wireless, black, coloured glass, metallic, stone and marble. You will also see lighting in silver leaf and antique silver in adherence with that mixing of old and new trend.
  • High contrast design. There’s a move away from white, white, white to more dramatic looks – this may include white, but in sharp contrast to other colours.

Julie says sustainability is also front of mind in product purchasing, which includes eco furniture. And, she talks of “namaste” – what does this reverential salutation have in common with homewares? Just think earthy colours, textured silks and wools of India, large sculptures, mosaics, hand painted tiles, brass lanterns, poufs, woven rugs and throws.

If you didn’t put a hand in the air in response to my questions at the start of this blog, then chances are you may be belatedly inspired thanks to the trends 2020 has in store AND in the Northlands stores (HERE). I’ll put my hand up again to say I’m already totally seduced by all the textural and colour warmth trending this winter.

I know it will be happy shopping days ahead for me and I wish you the same. Stay safe out there, keep calm, and carry on shopping.